A new payment project, Sablier, requires collecting wool before issuing money

This is a much simpler project than Superfluid stream payment. Today we are going to show you how to use Sablier stream payment to transfer money. It’s still early days in the project, and the Discord channel isn’t crowded yet. People can participate on their own terms.

这个项目比起 superfluid 流支付项目,要简单的多,今天就来教教大家如何使用 Sablier 这个流支付项目,进行转账支付。现在项目还处于早期阶段,discord 频道还不是有很多人,大家根据自己的情况,可以参与进来。

First of all, we need to prepare conditions:



  1. . 发送地址

1. Little Fox wallet

1). Sending address

2). 接收地址

2). Receiving address

2。Polygon 网络

设置网络可以借助这个 chainlist.org 这个网站来添加网络,非常方便。

只需要连接小狐狸钱包,在搜索框输入 Polygon,找到对应网络,然后点击 Add To Network,即可添加对应的网络。

2. Polygon network

To set up a network, you can add a network using chainlist.org, which is very convenient.

Simply connect To fox Wallet, type Polygon in the search box To find the Network, and click Add To Network To Add the Network.


1. 发送资金的地址:https://pay.sablier.finance/

2. 接收资金的地址:https://app.sablier.finance/


链接小狐狸钱包的接收地址,然后点击 create stream money

Okay, so once we’ve got the wallet and the Internet all set up, I need to move on to the transfer,

1. Send money address: https://pay.sablier.finance/

2. Receive funds address: https://app.sablier.finance/

First copy we receive wallet address: https://pay.sablier.finance/

Link to the receiving address of fox’s wallet and click Create Stream Money

我这里使用的是 USDC 进行传输,选择你想传输的币种,选中币种的数量,接收钱包,选择传输的时间。

Here I use USDC for transmission, select the currency you want to transmit, select the number of currency, receive the wallet, select the transmission time.


After confirming that the transfer is successful, this page will pop up


Then, after refreshing the page, we can see the payment flow

点击又箭头可以查看支付流的详情,也可以点击 cancel 取消支付流

Click the arrow to view the details of the payment flow, or click Cancel to cancel the payment flow




Isn’t that easy?

Now we switch the wallet address to receive page: https://app.sablier.finance/

You can also see the payment flow

点击 withdraw 可以提取资金

Click withdraw to withdraw funds


Isn’t that easy? Get involved.




this is my address:kyve14hwz38f52hysu7d7hqxjm0tw8mfh6r2ql7emxt

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this is my address:kyve14hwz38f52hysu7d7hqxjm0tw8mfh6r2ql7emxt

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